Ask Joelle: ‘What Swimsuit Works Best for my Body Type?’

Hey, guys!

I got another ‘Ask Joelle’ question from a reader concerning swimsuits! Read what Lauren had to say below:

“Hey Joelle! I’ve lost a good amount of weight, but my body’s not exactly “bikini ready” (yet). I’m having trouble finding a swimsuit that accentuates and hides the right things. I have a little bit of a tummy that won’t go away but I don’t want to wear a one piece because the ones that I’ve seen look kind of grandma-ish, lol. Help!”

So many of us have this issue! I’m in process of shedding a few pounds myself, but, like you, I’m not quite ready for the  all-exposing bikini. You should try out one of the newest trends in swimwear: high-waisted bottoms.

I’ve purchased a couple of these so far and I love them! They give you a vintage 40s pin-up girl look while disguising your tummy and love handles. They also do wonders for your backside;)06-swimsuits-big-booty-brittany-young-h724I’d suggest getting a good pair of black high-waisted bottoms (because black flatters everyone) that you could interchange with some printed and colorful bikini tops.23-swimsuits-busty-marc-jacobs-h724Marc by Marc Jacobs

 And not all one piece suits are matronly! I’m personally fond of them, as I know that if you look in the right stores, you’ll find some super stylish ones. There are some beautiful one pieces out there that are sexy, but hide the areas of your body that you’re not necessarily comfortable showing, like these by Topshop:

03N09FPNK_large img-thing-1 img-thing

Shop around more online and I’m sure you’ll find lots of great options. Remember to wear only what you’re comfortable and confident in, because that’s when we all look our best:)

 Happy swimming and I hope this helps!


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Sneak Peek of Styled by Joelle

Hi guys! I’m so excited to finally share with you what I’ve been working on for the past couple of months! Ever since I started really getting into fashion, (participating in fashion shows, blogging, etc.) people have asked me when I was going to start styling, if I could help them shop, how do I find the best deals for the clothes I buy, and a plethora of other questions. As a person that was specifically interested in designing clothes, I wasn’t really sure if styling was for me, but after my boyfriend graciously allowed me to help style and update his wardrobe, I realized that styling was something I really enjoyed doing.

Over time, we subtracted pieces that weren’t current and/or fitting him correctly and added basics and versatile staples that complimented his body type and lifestyle. He expressed that he liked a clean, sophisticated, and simple look, which was relatively easy to create for him. As you all know, I’m a bargain shopper! Our main go-to store was Gap. I find that their men’s clothing is classic, of good quality and affordable. Because they always have a sale, it was super easy to begin building his new wardrobe on a budget.

My main goal of styling is that the client is confident and comfortable in their new clothes.

When you’re comfortable, you’re confident.

And when you’re confident, you always look great.

There are three primary categories of style that I targeted in his wardrobe: Chill, Play and Work. Below, I have examples of looks for each category.


For his casual wardrobe, we focused on finding the perfect pairs of straight, slim and even skinny jeans. We put more emphasis on the straight styled denim because it won’t go out of style, but picked up a pair of trendy skinny jeans because it worked well with his naturally tall and slender physique.


unnamed-12He already had a few nice slim-fitted button ups, so we found a few more for extra variety that he could dress up or down. I find that v-neck t-shirts are flattering on most guys since it broadens their shoulders. Horizontal stripes are particularly flattering on a slender body type, as they draw the eye from left to right, which also gives a broader illusion. unnamed-11 unnamed-7


 It’s always fun to go out, so you should have clothes to have fun in. We added some color to this look by pairing burgundy pants with a two-toned graphic tee. It’s hard to find a cool graphic tee, but I suggest going to fast fashion stores like Zara or Topman like we did for a good deal. A nice non-athletic sneaker is essential to any man’s casual wardrobe. These grey Polo sneakers came from Nordstrom Rack for a deal. I love the brown leather laces they come with!

unnamed-13unnamed-16A man should also own a casual watch or two that he can wear every day. Everyone loves a punctual man and a good watch will help you be just that. Click here to view a post I did a while ago on watch selection for men! 


 Business casual clothes are so important for any career man that intends to look successful and, more importantly, be successful. You need well-fitting, modern, and professional clothes that reflect your competence and work ethic. Below is a simple every day look that works for just about any professional work environment. A slim-fitted oxford shirt, corduroys, a nice sized silver Michael Kors watch, a leather belt and Clarks leather desert boots are just right for the office. It states, “I’m a well put together, confident man with a plan,” without you saying a word.

Impressions are important and your clothes do a lot of the talking. Be sure you’re conveying the right message!

unnamed unnamed-2 unnamed-3The desert boot is a unique type of boot because it can be worn with khakis, jeans, corduroys and more and they can dress your entire look up. They’re a good middle ground between casual and dressy while still a classic. I recommend these Clarks for any guy!
unnamed-21These are only a few of the many versatile looks that he can now implement into his daily life that make him look modern, polished, and stylish. With my guidance and expertise, he is now more educated on how to shop for himself  and find clothes that look great on his body type. I am so grateful that he trusted me to style him and update his wardrobe. He’s been so patient and open to my insight as my first client!

My Styled by Joelle business and website offers wardrobe makeovers, special occasion styling, and style clinic sessions for men and women at affordable rates. It’s set to launch soon, so stay tuned!


What I Wore: 03312014

unnamed-5 unnamed-13unnamed-8unnamed-11unnamed-14

 I just purchased my new favorite jacket the other day at Madewell! As a true bargain shopper, I waited a couple months for it to go on sale and it finally did! Army green jackets are on trend right now, but I feel like I’ll be able to wear this for years to come as a wardrobe staple.

When I dress, I like to take one focal point and build around it with other complimentary elements. I kept it really simple with this look, wearing minimal jewelry and strappy sandals. Cat eye sunnies are the best fitting shape for my face, so I grabbed this inexpensive pair at my job. I’m still on the hunt for a really good designer pair to fit my style and complete my every day look!

Army Green Jacket – Madewell

High Waisted Black Jeggings – Madewell

Black Strappy Heels – Zara

Cat Eye Sunglasses – Nordstrom

Geometric Necklace + Earrings – Madewell


Photography by Lucy Flanagan

What to Wear with White Denim

pink paradise
Here’s a fresh idea on how to pair your trendy white denim for the spring! Keep it soft and subtle with a pastel cropped sweater and nude strappy sandals for a day out and about.
Happy Monday!

What to Wear to a Spring Brunch

romantic rose
As the weather starts warming up, in come the pastels and florals! It’s time to shake off those winter layers and shop new spring trends (see previous post). This look is perfect for an afternoon brunch on a warm day after church or a business meeting. I’m loving the detail on the hem of the skirt and the multicolored watercolor print on the blouse. The neutral accessories allow the blouse to pop and make its own statement. Cute, right?

Spring 2014 Must Haves

Spring 2014 Must Haves
1. Sheer is here to stay! Tasteful peek-a-boo detailing is refreshed with sweet versus sporty styling.
2. Floral is forever a spring/summer wardrobe staple. I suggest playing with untraditional floral prints like digital and more graphic florals, as well as abstract florals.
3. Fringe accessories, fringe outerwear, fringe statement pieces galore! Add some interest to your look with this fun and edgy element.
4. Graphic, contrasting black and white prints are classic, but even more popular this season. These types of prints are all about making a bold statement.
5. White, wide-leg pants were seen on all the runways for this season! Look fresh in a linen or cotton pair, and finish off your look with chunky wedges or strappy sandals.
6. If you hadn’t noticed, embellishment was pretty big this past holiday season. This trend will be carried on into the spring, featured on all different types of fabrics and garments.
Happy Shopping!