Product Reviews: Haircare for Colored, Natural Hair

Hi guys!

So, as most of you know I just got my hair dyed red. I loveee that it’s a deep burgundy tone for this upcoming season. I was actually a bit scared to wash my hair after I got it colored because I didn’t want it to fade or be dry and brittle.

I washed my hair with a new shampoo I’m trying out: Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Sulfate-Free Shampoo. The smell of it is delicious, but I do admit that afterward my hair didn’t feel as moisturized as it would after I’d wash it with As I Am’s Cowash. I vowed to start deep conditioning my hair more often especially since it’s now colored.


I read up on some reviews for natural hair conditioners and I came across Eden’s Jojoba Monoi deep conditioner. I’d previously heard so many great things online about it, so I went to my local Sally’s Beauty Supply and picked up some. With my hair in 4 sections, I fingered combed the product through my hair and braided it up. I put my plastic shower cap and bonnet on then left the conditioner on over night.

*Tip: I didn’t wash the conditioner out of my hair the next morning until after my work out. That way, the heat my scalp produced after all of my running and exercise helped the conditioning process even more. It’s like sitting under a hooded dryer…but not!photo 4-2

After I rinsed out the conditioner in the shower and took out my braids, I realized how wonderfully soft my hair felt and smelled! It was detangled, easy to manage and my curls were shiny and healthy looking. I definitely give Eden two thumbs up for this product!photo 2-2

My hair stylist used this Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum for my blowout & gave me a coupon for it so I decided to try it. I finger combed it through each section before I put any heat on it. It added nice shine and lightweight moisture, but it didn’t really last beyond a day. I was also hoping it would contain some of my frizz caused by all this humid weather, but it’s not really made to do that. (By the way, I’m really in need of a product that WILL combat frizz, so let me know if you know any good ones out there!)photo 1-2

photo 5Before & After!

Have any exceptional natural hair products you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments below!



Natural Hair Expert Anthony Dickey Shares Styling Tips

I’d never heard of Anthony Dickey until now, and I’m so glad a friend shared this with me! I’ve never really been able to pull off the ‘wash-n-go’ look until this video showed me how I could. I love that he’s essentially an educator as well as a stylist, and not just someone that sends you out the door with a new style. As a stylist that owns his own salon in NYC, Hair Rules, he’s styled the manes of superstars like Alicia Keys, Nicole Ari Parker, and Sarah Jessica Parker, just to name a few.

ult-045_1zI followed these few steps that he demonstrated in the video above and loved my results even days after I styled it! For my styling product, I used Kinky-Curly’s Curling Custard, which is a gel that has a light, not-so-crunchy hold. It’s also a product made up of mostly natural ingredients. I hesitate when it comes to using gels on my hair, but I really like this one so far!

IMG_2653 Day 3 of my wash-n-goIMG_2656

2014-02-01 08.33.42  

How I pineapple my hair at night

I recommend this method for anyone who needs to lay off the heat and anybody that needs a quick and easy go-to style that’ll last.

Be nice to your curls!


Video sourced from Huffington Post.

13 Tips for Hair Growth and Length Retention

I’ve been following Monica, or “Mo”, from for a while now and can say that she has one of the best quality natural hair blogs I’ve ever seen. I enjoy her tips, tutorial videos, and product reviews because of her depth of knowledge about every aspect of obtaining natural, healthy, and beautiful hair.

Below are 13 tips from Mo to retain your hair growth over time:

1. Always deep condition your hair to ensure that proper amounts of moisture are installed into the hair shaft. This helps your hair endure all of the external elements and styling that will happen in the days after washing.20130814_165712-1_picbeauty_Sep-15-2013-pm-5-20-620x264Oils Mo uses for her hot oil treatments. View her video tutorial here.

2. Keep your scalp and hair clean. You may find that your hair sheds and breaks less when it’s clean and hydrated. I personally cowash once a week with As I Am’s Coconut Cowash, and I’ve found my hair to retain much more moisture than when I would wash it with regular shampoo. When adding oil to your hair, Mo suggests olive, castor and jojoba oils, which are awesome for balance, nutrients and health.

moknowshair_florbellafeatureMo in a satin bonnet made especially for big curls.

3. Always sleep in a satin scarf or bonnet to protect your hair at night, and if you pineapple your hair at night, it’s best to sleep on a satin pillowcase, too. I personally wear a satin scarf and bonnet at night and when I don’t, my hair is always tangled and dry in the morning. This is super important!

4. Avoid styles that pull too tightly for too long of a period of time. This includes braids and sew-ins. Those types of protective hairstyles are great for short period of time for me, but I’ve found that if done consistently, it starts to pull at my edges too much. It’s a bit counterproductive if I’m retaining length in the rest of my hair, but my hairline starts to recede o_0. If you regularly get sew-ins, make sure your stylist isn’t braiding your hair too tight!moknowshair_topbun-600x264

Mo in one of her many protective styles.

5. Switch up protective styles. There are a ton of protective styles you can do without the use of hair extensions/weaves, such as buns and other up-dos to keeps your ends tucked in. Click here to look through Mo’s protective styling tutorial videos!

6. Trim ends only as needed. This could be as little a a few times a year, to every 8-10 weeks. This will keep your ends from splitting further up the strands, causing large amounts of breakage. I find that the less heat I use, the less often I need to go get my hair trimmed.

7. Drink lots of water. We all should be consuming at least half of our body weight in ounces of water (something I’m working on). This keeps your body hydrated and in turn causes your hair and skin to be more balanced in moisture.


Denman Brush

8. Be very careful detangling your hair when it’s wet. I use either a Denman brush or a wide tooth comb and start at the ends and work my way up to minimize breakage.

9. Don’t blow dry your hair while completely wet. This is a habit I’ve recently gotten out of that I’d been doing for years. Now, when I blow out my hair, I detangle from ends to roots and braid it up into small sections. I allow it to air dry overnight (with my scarf and bonnet on) and in the morning I take down one braid at a time and blow dry each braided section straight. This cuts my blowout time in half because my hair is already detangled, stretched, and sectioned off when it’s time to blow dry and flat iron. Clever, huh?

10. Mo suggests to rotate protein treatments, hot oil treatments and other types of repairing treatments into your routine every 4 to 6 weeks each. This helps to keep your protein levels balanced and install extra moisture into your hair. Not over-doing your treatments will allow your hair and scalp to work themselves.

11. Eat lots of protein, veggies and foods with antioxidants. What you put into your body contributes to your overall hair health, too. The more nutrients you consume, the better the anagen phase of growth will be, resulting in longer, healthier strands.natural

12. Replace your brushes, combs, clips, etc. every 6 months or less and clean them every couple weeks or so. If you have been using the same tools for years, you are likely snagging and tearing away strands of hair unnecessarily with your boar brush whose bristles are matted, leaning and split. Your tools are just as important as your products.

13. Stick to a routine. It’s good to try new products that you think will work for your hair, but keep your regulars in rotation if they’re already doing a great job in keeping your hair healthy. Consistency is key for healthy hair because it needs a routine to get adjusted to and flourish in. Once you find what works, make it a point to stick to it for at least six months before switching this for that. For all you product junkies out there, you’ve got to give your hair a chance to respond!

Make sure you check out for loads of great info about transitioning, techniques for different hair types, tips, video tutorials and more!


Product Reviews: As I Am Coconut Cowash and Leave-In Conditioner

1069414_10151772184264864_1139587689_n -2I’ve been wanting to try this product for a while! As someone who frequently watches YouTube videos about natural hair, I’ve learned the benefits of cowashing versus washing with regular shampoo. Using regular conditioner to wash your hair will produce almost the same results, but I was definitely more comfortable using a product that was specifically designed for cowashing. This resulted in soft, moisturized and fresh-smelling hair that was easy to detangle. Above is a photo of me with the Coconut Cowash in my hair before I rinsed it out.

I was afraid that the coconut scent was going to be too strong for my liking, but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t!

as-i-am-liI then followed up with the Leave-In conditioner (which I also fell in love with) and had my friend do a twist out on my hair. Shout out to Shaza, my go to natural hair expert! ;D

The next day results are shown in the pictures from my previous ‘What I Wore: 10012013’ post.

I give these products a 10 out of 10, and I highly recommend them to naturals &  transitioners!


Product Review: Curlformers

Soooo my roomie and I have been on this natural hair experimentation thing, and we heard about this amazing new invention, Curlformers. We saw the price at Sally’s and on the website and we quickly headed over to Ebay to order them for a fraction of the cost.

Anywho, let’s discuss the pros and cons:


  • They give you bouncy spiral curls that last at least a couple days
  • You don’t need heat
  • You can put them in your hair even when its still wet and shrunken up – your hair doesn’t have to be pre-straightened
  • They’re fairly easy to put in
  • They curl up by themselves
  • They’re made of a mesh material  that allows your hair to dry within a few hours
  • They’re durable and will last forever
  • They come in different lengths and sizes
  • They can be used on all kinds of hair textures and work well


  • Difficult and uncomfortable to sleep in
  • They take a while to put in. Since it was my first time using them, it took like an hour and a half
  • They’re a little pricey, but worth it



Below are videos showing how to put in the Curlformers on different textures!

I give these a 9.75 out of 10 and I strongly recommend them for girls that are transitioning and those who want to style their hair without heat!

Click here to view them on Ebay!

Product Review: Garnier Fructis Anti-Humidity Hairspray


*cue singing angels*

Soooo a couple of weeks ago, I was stuck on campus with a fashionable scarf on my head in effort to keep my hair from blowing up into a semi-straight ‘fro.

Goodbye scarf, hello Garnier Anti-Humidity Hairspray! I saw this product advertised in a commercial late at night, looked up the product reviews and headed out to my nearest 24/7 Harris Teeter. I grabbed the extreme (5) control with natural bamboo extract, and it has literally changed. my. life.

The first day I tried it, I sprayed it in my hair, combed it through, then walked outside RIGHT after it rained. After 5-10min, I looked in the mirror and my hair looked exactly the way it did when I left! The best part is by the end of the day it was still un-phased by the amount of moisture in the air + it didn’t feel crunchy or hard!

I can’t give a stronger recommendation for this product, ESPECIALLY for those having natural hair with a blowout.

Out of 5 stars, I’d give it a 10. Thank me later!;)