Men’s Style Mondays: Dress Shoes


1. Black Cap-Toe Oxfords: This shoe has a discreet toecap and it’s a basic staple for every man’s wardrobe. Wear them in the boardroom, to weddings, funerals, etc. with most suits.


2. Brown Wing-Tip Brogues: These are my favorites, mainly because of the perforated details. I’ve seen so many intricate designs for Brogue shoes and they’re so classy in a charming way. They silently say “I’m style-conscious, and I know what I’m doing”, if worn with the right outfit. They typically feature a peaked toecap, curving side seams, thin soles and a narrow, elongated toe. Wear these in brown with any type of suit except black, with heavier fabrics like tweed and corduroy. To the office, a nice lunch or just to add interest a good outfit!


3. Brown Monk-Straps: These have a buckle-and-strap closure that replaces traditional eyelets and laces. Wear these with a serious worsted suit and almost any other style of suit or tailored trouser for work and play, but not at very formal occasions.


4. Brown Plain-Toe Dress Loafers: Easy slip-ons with a high vamp and a substantial sole often made of exotic leather or skin. Wear them with a casual suit, or tailored trousers with a blazer or sport jacket. Tip: wear these to the airport to get through security faster and still look great when you arrive at your meeting.


Just like for women, shoes can make or break your look, guys! Make sure you’re wearing the right style for the occasion and your outfit, and always, always, match your belt to your shoes.

Shoes in brown (or a shade of brown) are appropriate for most suits and sport coats, including navy and lighter shades of grey. Black shoes are preferred for black, darker greys, and navy suits, when you want a more conservative look.

Avoid heavy, dark shoes during the summer. In warm weather, you always want to look as comfortable as you feel.

Hope this helped!


Sources: Esquire’s The Handbook of Style,, Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Style