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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Joelle,

    Just spent an hour or so browsing the blog – a real visual treat. Thank Pam for turning me on to it. That video at the top right now is something else. Thumbs up.

    Sounds like things have been going great for you, and I wish you continued success. I trust you will have a great time over in Firenze and I hope to hear about it some day. Stay in touch!

    Mr. V.

  2. Joelle…you and your site are amazing! I can hardly wait to see what happens for you. As you already know, becoming an international fashionista is like becoming a gladiator. Training, focus, knowing your strengths and understanding and protecting your areas of challenge will serve you well. You have navigated the first leg of your journey with excellence, now you are ready to move victoriously into the next phase. You are talented, focused, beautiful in word, thought, and deed and your life thus far has proven this to be so. So beautiful Joelle, handle your business and step into the arena and shine!!!

  3. I’m having a hard time finding a certain item and was wondering if you could help. I want to buy some high-waist pleated pants/trousers. Where could I find some?

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