Striped Leopard

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Took a summertime stroll downtown with my boyfriend in my new favorite tube skirt! This navy & cream striped piece is by Vince Camuto and I paired it with my light wash chambray button up, a faux leopard print belt with a chunky jeweled statement necklace.

I love stripes, but I have to be careful wearing a striped bottom since I’m a pear shape and it could make my lower half look wider. When I do choose to wear stripes, they’re always more narrow and smaller in scale!

This look would be great for a casual luncheon or day date. The key to mixing these different elements (the leopard print, the stripes, chambray and jewels) is keeping the accessories relatively simple. Thinking outside of the box is fun, but you don’t want to go overboard with accents for this kind of look as it might look too busy. I threw on some minimal nude strappy heels to balance out the classiness of the necklace and to dress the look up a bit. For relief from the pain of these heels (lol), I slipped on some brown leather open-toed flats.

Chambray Button Up – Madewell

Faux Leopard Print Belt – Madewell

Jeweled Necklace – J.Crew Factory

Striped Tube Skirt – Vince Camuto

Minimal Heels – Steve Madden

Hope you’re having a great Monday!




Jeremy Danté breaks down what was one of the most groundbreaking runway shows in the history of fashion that happened the other day during Paris Fashion Week. Designer Rick Owens is a visionary and trailblazer that has caught the eyes of many in the industry during the seemingly endless controversy concerning the lack of black models on the runways. Bravo to him and the show that might just be the catalyst for increased diversity in fashion.



PARIS – full figured, grit faced and stomping, the rick owens show in paris today sent shockwaves through the fashion industry as a bold statement if any. beyond any form of trend, vision or conceptual approach, this show was and is what fashion represents. in this show, the clothes became part of the show as one with the magnificent models who brought tears to my eyes. replacing the expected model cast, women equipped with aggression bum rushed the runways of paris fashion week in what will forever be the most memorable show of the summer/spring 2014 show season. titled, “vicious” by owens himself, the collection has been hailed as an ode to femininity and alters the perception what women represent through beauty. working for five months with washington divas, soul steppers, momentum and zetas stepping teams- rick killed show season with this completely unexpected move that celebrates black beauty. remaining true…

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Solange – Lovers in the Parking Lot Music Video

One of the best songs [in my opinion] on Solange’s latest EP now has visuals! Filmed exclusively in her hometown, it has that mix of authentic, unique eclecticism & a cool 80s vibe. The essence of Solange…I love you.

*Que breath of fresh air*


Fall Fever III

Fall Fever III

Modström green leather jacket
$295 –

River island jeans
$62 –

Velcro sneaker

Vince Camuto cuff bangle

Chunky chain necklace

Witchery tortoise shell sunglasses
$64 –

Fall Fever II

Fall Fever II

Ted Baker zipper jeans
$62 –

Frye black ankle booties
$320 –

The Row mod sunglasses

River island hat
$12 –

Fall Fever

Fall Fever

H M white top
$39 –

Fendi 100 leather jacket

Black heel booties

Bracelet jewelry
$23 –

Black cat jewelry
$9.28 –

Even odd brown shawl
$19 –

Tom Ford lip stick

My Tried and Tested Style-Mantras.

Michael delivers some useful advise about style. Read it & take it in.



  • Do not dress more fun that you really are.
  • Simple is not bad. Bad is bad.
  • It is only appropriate to dress like Rihanna if you make Rihanna money.
  • Less is always more. Too much is usually obnoxious.
  • Never look too pretty to work hard.
  • Never work too hard at looking pretty.
  • Style was not intended to be a competitive sport.
  • There is no point in white tube socks. At All. If you own them, get rid of them. Right now. You’re welcome.
  • Tailoring is absolutely everything. Under every circumstance. Unquestionably.
  • You can get away with having poor personal style if you have a genuine personality. If you’ve got an awful personality, you better own a lot of couture.
  • A trend is the perfect option for people uninterested in being memorable.
  • Style is one part clothes, and a million parts attitude. I’ll change this statement…

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10 Reasons Why Designer Joelle Meaghan is the Next Major Wave in Fashion



1- She talks big…and delivers bigger.

Delivery altogether is a dying art. If you don’t believe me, sit around your mailbox on a Saturday. In the same way, many people can talk big but can’t deliver when it’s time to work. Talking isn’t much of a talent, but Joelle’s ability to manifest words into action is both astounding, and mildly intimidating.

2-Because She Was Probably Born in the Wrong Era

The radio in her car plays more 1970’s hits than both of my parents combined and then doubled.


3-Because She and Her Sisters Are ALL Freakishly Talented.

With one sister being a Harvard Law graduate and the other whose resume of film involvement reads like the grocery list of multiple morbidly obese men, Joelle’s success is perhaps hereditary.

4- She’s a good winner

Having won 3 AATS design competitions in a row, she’s always quick to thank her supporters and frequently looks…

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I’m going to Florence!

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 3.55.35 PM

As most of you know by now, I’ve been accepted into Lorenzo de Medici’s study abroad program in Italy for the summer. I’ll be studying design and I am beyond excited to immerse myself in the culture and work on my craft at an international school of design! This program is really expensive though, and I’d love to not have to take out an enormous loan. Friends and family have begun to help me out in raising $2500 [a large portion of my tuition], and in a little over a week I’ve raised over $1000! I can’t express how grateful I am to have such supportive people in my corner helping me achieve my goals.

Contribute $10 or more to help me reach $2500 and fund part of this awesome opportunity! If you’re not able to contribute, it would be great if you could share the link anyway!

If you’d like to donate via mail, email me at for details.