Men’s Style Mondays: Watches

I’ve always catered more to women on my blog because that’s what I know and who I design for. I’m starting this weekly segment for all my guy readers out there, and anyone that’s interested in learning more about men’s style! I picked up a couple of Men’s Style books (Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Style and Esquire’s The Handbook of Style) that really delve into the details. I’m learning a ton reading these books, and as you know, I love to share! Hope you enjoy:)

XX Joelle

Let’s start off with a few rules for watches:

  • Diamond-encrusted watches are only for pimps, hip-hop moguls, and heiresses.
  • People who wear diamond-encrusted watches never know what time it is.
  • A watch should be worn securely on your wrist. It is not a bracelet.
  • There is a difference between water-resistant and waterproof.
  • Sleek watches on leather straps look best for dressing up, and heavier metal-link bands go better with causal clothing.

Don’t be that guy.

Different Watches for Different Occasions

  1. Black-tie and other formal events call for a discreet and elegant watch that is small in diameter and slim enough to slip in and out of a French cuff. For these events, always match the color of your cuff links to the metal of your watch. If the links are enamel or set with stones, match the stone of the link to the dial color of the watch’s face.
  2. When working out or doing more physically demanding activities, go for a durable rubber sports watch that can take a beating. It’s made to get twisted and not scratched.
  3. At work [at a full-time job where you’re required to dress up], a chunky chronograph in steel or yellow gold makes a bold statement across a conference table. Only you can decide how flashy you should go, but remember to match the links.
  4. For a casual day, go for a big watch to dress up your casual clothes. Look for a watch in less dressy-looking brushed steel with a chunky body and an interesting face.

My picks, in order of the occasions listed above:


Stay tuned for next week’s Men’s Style segment!
Source: Esquire’s The Handbook of Style

Dope Locals: Michael T.

Aware that my words probably won’t do him justice, I’ll let the photos do most of the talking.

Michael Thomas


Raleigh, NC

Creative writer/designer/artist/style icon/tailor/blogger/witty ball of positive energy

Fav Designer: Marc Jacobs

Describe your style: I like modern traditional pieces dressed down with a touch of grunge and accessories inspired by quirky Japanese street style.

Ultimate goal in life: When everything is said and done, I want to create a platform for up and coming artists and designers by owning galleries, boutiques, even publications like magazines to promote a new wave of talent.

Fashion Icon: who have effortless style, especially in a world where people look as if they’ve stepped straight out of H&M. James Franco, Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp [the earlier the better with Johnny].

If you could only choose one, what country would you travel to and why: France, mostly because I want to see what people in France wear and how they interact with eachother…outside of what the French exchange students next door to me do.

If you could wear one brand of clothing for the rest of your life, what would it be: The Gap, because you can look good without looking like you’re taking yourself too seriously.
& yes, this is all of his original art.
He’s the most talented person I’ve met, and contrary to what his pictures may portray him to be, he’s hilarious. We’ve been coworkers for a year now, and we just get each other! I always support people of color in this industry, but he’s on a whole different level with the knowledge and passion he has for what he does. He’ll be moving in a few days and I’ll miss our daily bouts of laughter at work [usually ending in tears & mild asthma attacks] and our joint analyses of every interesting garment that comes into the store.
This is the beginning of a life-long friendship.
People come into your life for a reason and I truly believe we’ll work closely together once we really get our careers going in NY!
Keep an eye out for him. You’ll hear about him more soon enough.

ABC’s of Men’s Fashion with Street Etiquette

Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are the founders of Street Etiquette a world renowned fashion menswear blog.

 Simple concept: dress how you feel. I love how authentic and effortless their style is and their blog is a definite fav for me. Click here to view when I met Joshua at NYFW, and previous posts about Street Etiquette!

Visit their blog here.

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