Get Styled by Joelle at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale!

Nordstrom-Anniversary-Sale-It’s time for the BIGGEST sale of the year, guys! Many high-end retailers have major end-of-season sales, but how many have PRE-season sales? If you’ve never experienced Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale, THIS is the year to do it!

Me and the rest of the team at Nordstrom – Streets at Southpoint are ecstatic to assist all customers in the RDU and surrounding areas shop for the best deals on next season’s top trends and styles. We recently got the opportunity to preview and try on the Anniversary Sale merchandise from every department in the store, and I must say, the next few weeks will be filled with “ooo-ing & awe-ing” over fabulous fall leather items, cashmere, handbags, men’s and women’s shoes and more!

You know about the sale, so now what? Why not take it up a notch and book your FREE appointment so that I can help you shop? Just let me know your sizes and what you’re looking for, and I can style you and help you build the perfect fall wardrobe that’s fit for you! This sale will be extremely busy and somewhat chaotic, so booking an appointment will help you navigate and find what you need in a fun and timely way.

Early Access to the sale for Nordstrom cardholders starts this Thursday, the 10th and goes through the 17th. This is typically when a lot of the best merchandise gets purchased! The sale opens to the public on the 18th and goes on through early August, but if you don’t want to wait that long to get your hands on these fall fashion steals, you can come in and open up a Nordstrom Credit or Debit card with me so that you too can gain early access before everyone else.


You can flip through the catalog by clicking here Email me at with your availability, sizes, and wish list so we can book your appointment today!




Sneak Peek of Styled by Joelle

Hi guys! I’m so excited to finally share with you what I’ve been working on for the past couple of months! Ever since I started really getting into fashion, (participating in fashion shows, blogging, etc.) people have asked me when I was going to start styling, if I could help them shop, how do I find the best deals for the clothes I buy, and a plethora of other questions. As a person that was specifically interested in designing clothes, I wasn’t really sure if styling was for me, but after my boyfriend graciously allowed me to help style and update his wardrobe, I realized that styling was something I really enjoyed doing.

Over time, we subtracted pieces that weren’t current and/or fitting him correctly and added basics and versatile staples that complimented his body type and lifestyle. He expressed that he liked a clean, sophisticated, and simple look, which was relatively easy to create for him. As you all know, I’m a bargain shopper! Our main go-to store was Gap. I find that their men’s clothing is classic, of good quality and affordable. Because they always have a sale, it was super easy to begin building his new wardrobe on a budget.

My main goal of styling is that the client is confident and comfortable in their new clothes.

When you’re comfortable, you’re confident.

And when you’re confident, you always look great.

There are three primary categories of style that I targeted in his wardrobe: Chill, Play and Work. Below, I have examples of looks for each category.


For his casual wardrobe, we focused on finding the perfect pairs of straight, slim and even skinny jeans. We put more emphasis on the straight styled denim because it won’t go out of style, but picked up a pair of trendy skinny jeans because it worked well with his naturally tall and slender physique.


unnamed-12He already had a few nice slim-fitted button ups, so we found a few more for extra variety that he could dress up or down. I find that v-neck t-shirts are flattering on most guys since it broadens their shoulders. Horizontal stripes are particularly flattering on a slender body type, as they draw the eye from left to right, which also gives a broader illusion. unnamed-11 unnamed-7


 It’s always fun to go out, so you should have clothes to have fun in. We added some color to this look by pairing burgundy pants with a two-toned graphic tee. It’s hard to find a cool graphic tee, but I suggest going to fast fashion stores like Zara or Topman like we did for a good deal. A nice non-athletic sneaker is essential to any man’s casual wardrobe. These grey Polo sneakers came from Nordstrom Rack for a deal. I love the brown leather laces they come with!

unnamed-13unnamed-16A man should also own a casual watch or two that he can wear every day. Everyone loves a punctual man and a good watch will help you be just that. Click here to view a post I did a while ago on watch selection for men! 


 Business casual clothes are so important for any career man that intends to look successful and, more importantly, be successful. You need well-fitting, modern, and professional clothes that reflect your competence and work ethic. Below is a simple every day look that works for just about any professional work environment. A slim-fitted oxford shirt, corduroys, a nice sized silver Michael Kors watch, a leather belt and Clarks leather desert boots are just right for the office. It states, “I’m a well put together, confident man with a plan,” without you saying a word.

Impressions are important and your clothes do a lot of the talking. Be sure you’re conveying the right message!

unnamed unnamed-2 unnamed-3The desert boot is a unique type of boot because it can be worn with khakis, jeans, corduroys and more and they can dress your entire look up. They’re a good middle ground between casual and dressy while still a classic. I recommend these Clarks for any guy!
unnamed-21These are only a few of the many versatile looks that he can now implement into his daily life that make him look modern, polished, and stylish. With my guidance and expertise, he is now more educated on how to shop for himself  and find clothes that look great on his body type. I am so grateful that he trusted me to style him and update his wardrobe. He’s been so patient and open to my insight as my first client!

My Styled by Joelle business and website offers wardrobe makeovers, special occasion styling, and style clinic sessions for men and women at affordable rates. It’s set to launch soon, so stay tuned!


Florence: Weeks 3 & 4

2013-06-20 15.48.50

My 3rd week in Italy, my Illustration professor took us on a field trip to Pitti Uomo, which was a 2-day display/event for up and coming menswear designers, as well as established brands. Displayed in tents, outdoor settings and booths were the designers’ Spring/Summer 2014 menswear collections. Buyers from all over the world came to check out and do business with the designers, and watching it all was very, very cool. Hundreds of men arrived dressed in beautifully tailored suits and extravagant ensembles. The women were gorgeous and modelesque, taking pictures and promoting.

Some of the pics are a bit blurry, quite honestly because I wasn’t supposed to be taking pictures indoors, but you know I couldn’t resist!

2013-06-20 14.05.16 2013-06-20 14.05.20 2013-06-20 14.05.42 2013-06-20 14.05.57 2013-06-20 14.08.33My professor on the right of me, and the rest of the class!2013-06-20 14.11.51 2013-06-20 14.20.08 2013-06-20 14.34.44 2013-06-20 14.35.17 2013-06-20 14.35.232013-06-20 14.35.37 2013-06-20 14.36.10 2013-06-20 14.37.09 2013-06-20 14.37.19

Satisfashion2013-06-20 14.37.30 2013-06-20 14.38.05 2013-06-20 14.38.14 2013-06-20 14.38.39  2013-06-20 14.41.03 2013-06-20 14.42.47 2013-06-20 15.01.37Free slushies and the DJ2013-06-20 15.17.09Desigual employees giving out fruit, cheese, bags, and wine2013-06-20 15.35.40 2013-06-20 15.47.34  2013-06-20 15.48.57 2013-06-20 15.49.08 2013-06-20 15.50.55 2013-06-20 15.51.21 2013-06-20 15.54.18 2013-06-20 15.56.53 2013-06-20 15.56.56 2013-06-20 15.57.01 2013-06-20 15.58.16

Only a little womenswear was on display, but one collection that REALLY caught my eye was Jewel by Lisa, which featured beautiful color combos and graphic prints. Couldn’t get a pic, but click HERE to view the website!

My last weekend in Italy, I went to Amalfi Coast with my friends! This trip was by far my fave, and the weather was perrrrfecttttt…

2013-06-20 19.38.467 hour bus ride…2013-06-21 02.39.56Arriving at our hostel in Sorrento

2013-06-21 07.45.26 2013-06-21 07.46.06 2013-06-21 08.47.05 2013-06-21 09.03.13 2013-06-21 09.04.22 Blue Grotto cave swimming!

2013-06-21 06.13.37 2013-06-21 09.35.42 Capri Island! 2013-06-21 09.50.37 2013-06-21 11.32.31 2013-06-21 11.42.37 2013-06-21 11.50.47All handmade leather sandals!2013-06-21 13.02.08Chair lifted to the top of the mountain in Capri2013-06-21 13.03.04 2013-06-21 13.03.31 2013-06-21 13.15.22View from the top2013-06-21 13.21.14 2013-06-21 13.27.34 2013-06-21 13.28.25 2013-06-21 14.19.06Taxi convertibles that sped us at about 90mph down the side of the mountain2013-06-21 15.00.16-1  Hey:)2013-06-22 10.35.04 2013-06-22 14.14.12Beach day2013-06-22 15.34.04Sorrento nights. Dinner on the rooftop and a gorgeous view2013-06-22 16.37.22 2013-06-22 20.52.12 2013-06-22 22.45.07-1

2013-06-24 21.57.55 2013-06-27 12.44.41Back to school, and finals came quick! Designed an eveningwear collection for Scandal’s Olivia Pope. Cream-colored, chiffon dresses with gold embroidery on the bottom inspired by the columns on the White House. This was a bit rushed because of the time crunch, but my professor liked it!2013-06-27 16.26.11 2013-06-27 19.55.25-1Last supper at ZaZa’s. Gonna miss that place!

This trip changed my life. So grateful for this experience!


Florence: Week 2

Already halfway through my stay here, and it seriously gets better and better each day!

We did a weekend trip in Rome, saw a lot of the ruins and historical architecture and learned about how the city was founded & everything. Crazy, interesting stories…

2013-06-07 14.48.54 2013-06-07 14.45.32  2013-06-07 12.50.01The Colosseum

2013-06-07 15.35.24 2013-06-07 15.35.20 2013-06-07 15.35.12 2013-06-07 15.08.35

Shade! ^_^

2013-06-07 14.55.07   2013-06-07 15.40.24 2013-06-07 16.12.30Made our wishes in the famous & gorgeous Trevi Fountain.  2013-06-07 16.21.45  2013-06-09 23.37.06Returned from our trip to a boatload of work from my illustration class! These intensive classes have me learning about 3 new techniques a day. This week was hair, faces, and learning how to do different poses.  2013-06-10 13.32.51 2013-06-10 13.43.05 2013-06-10 13.43.17

Field trip number 2! My illustration professor took us to the Ferragamo Museum, where we learned all about how Salvatore Ferragamo got his start designing shoes, his famous customers throughout history, and etc. The assignment was to sketch everything we saw that inspired us and then focus in on 1 pair of shoes that would inspire our designs for our midterm project. Fun fun!

2013-06-10 13.43.22 2013-06-10 13.43.33

Couldn’t take pics inside the museum, but here’s some roughs of what I saw…

2013-06-10 17.21.33    2013-06-10 17.31.35

The boot on the bottom right is what inspired me for my project. Click here to see the actual picture. Can’t remember the complete story behind the design, but it had something to do with the messenger of God.

  2013-06-12 14.13.07

A few rough sketches of what I came up with. Played around with the feather placement for chic, ombré cocktail dresses. My professor loved it;)

2013-06-13 16.40.24

Inked the final illustrations and took a while shading & coloring. This process was a bit longer than expected, but I’m still a beginner. Can’t believe my drawing has improved  this much within 2 weeks…crazy exciting!

tumblr_mojgc64BCW1rvpjxvo1_1280Final result of my project! Mood board + final illustrations

2013-06-10 19.18.16 2013-06-10 19.22.59Dinner after class. View one of our many adventures being lost trying to find food here.2013-06-10 20.27.04Being in a proper fashion illustration class makes me appreciate these mannequins that much more.2013-06-10 23.06.04Early to class for once. Selfie sesh! ^_^2013-06-12 11.40.23-2  The caffe lattes here at my fave lunch spot are my new addiction

2013-06-14 10.04.45 2013-06-14 10.01.13  On the way to Tuscany for our winery tour on Friday!

2013-06-14 11.16.45-1  2013-06-14 11.15.16 2013-06-14 11.14.18  2013-06-14 11.09.32 2013-06-14 11.09.09Seriously the most peaceful, serene, romantic place I’ve ever been

2013-06-14 10.43.50                  2013-06-14 15.22.01Our tour guide, Michaelangelo, talking about his love for food the whole hour long ride there haha    2013-06-14 13.10.12Pure beauty…

This half of our trip was spent at the home of this couple that makes their own wine. They served us a huge lunch accompanied by about 4 big bottles of their red wine.

2013-06-14 13.35.59

Gianni didn’t know a lick of English, but him and his wife were so sweet and hospitable! He made his way around the table twice trying to give out more seconds even after we were stuffed and had two more courses to go!2013-06-14 13.05.03Doing the Italian toast chant they taught us!2013-06-14 13.04.57

Eating with people in our tour group that were from all over the world made for interesting conversation…2013-06-14 13.03.58  2013-06-14 13.02.42Yeah, we thought this big plate of food they prepared for each of us was lunch…hmm think again, this was only the appetizer! Best homemade Bruschetta ever!

2013-06-14 13.49.13

Then Gianni ran back in the kitchen and whipped up some pasta, lol

2013-06-14 14.31.33

Post dinner expresso woke us up from all that wine…

2013-06-14 14.50.10

…and then they brought out the strongest dessert wine I’d ever tasted  2013-06-14 12.57.17 2013-06-14 12.57.11 2013-06-14 12.57.05

The other half of our trip was spent actually touring a winery owned by a man named Carlo!

2013-06-14 11.23.44

2013-06-14 11.29.55

Carlo explaining the fermentation process

2013-06-14 11.37.58

Barrels of balsamic vinegar

2013-06-14 11.29.51

2013-06-14 11.46.38

2013-06-14 12.21.50I love sweet white wines, and this “Facile Innamorasi” [it means “Easy to Fall in Love”] was my fave one he made!

2013-06-14 12.21.44 2013-06-14 11.48.38Tasting various foods made at the farm! That flavored garlic was everything, along with the homemade olive oil, and the honey+cheese combo! He also made this amazing balsamic vinegar that had been bottled for 30 years that tasted good on pretty much anythinggg.  2013-06-14 11.47.44    2013-06-14 11.45.13 2013-06-14 11.44.54   Carlo grows his own lavender and rosemary, too. He uses them to make essential oils and soaps. 2013-06-14 11.26.06   2013-06-14 11.23.45

2013-06-14 15.57.122013-06-14 16.00.35

After all of that, of course we needed to go get some of the world’s #1 Gelato…so yummy

2013-06-14 15.45.25



Ended the week by going out to this crazy club called Manduca…view video here and here

Stay tuned for next week’s post!


Florence: Week 1

Been a while, huh? Well I’m happy to say that my absence has been due to making this study abroad trip happen! As previously mentioned, I was accepted into Lorenzo de Medici’s School of Fashion in Florence, Italy. It’s a bit surreal being somewhere so unfamiliar, but I’m already so in love with this gorgeous city! I’m taking 2 classes: Fashion Illustration and Fashion Buying Concepts, and my professors are amazing.

I have a million pics so let’s start from the beginning…

2013-05-29 14.50.44 2013-05-29 22.19.30 2013-05-29 23.16.28 2013-05-30 04.24.43 2013-05-30 04.26.48 2013-05-30 12.42.18

I had a 5hr layover in Munich, Germany, which turned out to have the most beautiful airport I’d ever gone through. I had to walk what seemed like 4 miles to get to my gate, but who cares when the halls are lined with delicious food and immaculate designer stores!2013-05-30 19.48.36

First real Italian dinner2013-05-31 08.59.46 2013-05-31 08.59.55

8am orientation was a little rough the next morning, filled with warnings from the Italian Polizia that left some of us extra paranoid about pickpocketing and assault…2013-05-31 11.17.45-1 2013-05-31 12.09.46-1

They aren’t really big on breakfast, but the little pastries and sandwiches they serve at their cafes are everything. Not to mention the cappuccinos and lattes!

2013-05-31 12.48.18 2013-05-31 14.23.01 2013-05-31 15.09.24

I was pleasantly surprised with my apartment, after initially assuming it was going to be something like my freshman year dorm!2013-05-31 21.16.35-1

My 2 roomies on the right, and other new friend on the left at our welcome dinner! Love them, they’re so much fun:)2013-05-31 21.28.14 2013-05-31 23.46.30

Did some pre-class exploring of the city, so of course we had to check out the nightlife! All they play here is American music. Went to one club and they were playing old school Whitney.2013-06-01 00.10.162013-06-01 01.08.52 2013-06-01 01.31.10 2013-06-01 01.31.47

Fun lol2013-06-01 20.23.08-1 2013-06-01 20.25.37-1 2013-06-01 20.31.54

At the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge2013-06-02 01.14.16 2013-06-02 01.27.35 2013-06-02 01.49.31 2013-06-02 16.42.08-2

Checked out the leather market a few blocks from our apartment! It’s lined with vendors that constantly haggle you to buy their Italian souvenirs, silk scarves, and leather goods. Click here to see video from my 1st experience there!

2013-06-03 08.53.27First day of class! Prof. Ioele teaches my Buying class and has a ton of experience in buying, branding, and marketing. She was the former director of the buying office in Florence for Target stores. She’s just naturally stylish and evidently has no problem wearing 6″ pumps on these cobblestone streets everyday. 2013-06-03 12.57.07 2013-06-03 12.57.27 2013-06-05 12.50.05-1

In my Illustration class, we dove right into sketching [click here to see video of me sketching a figure] and did our first assignment of identifying our target consumer. I chose Olivia Pope from Scandal. Kerry Washington is a style icon in real life, but her costume designer/stylist puts her in the most chic career separates I’ve ever seen. I’ll get to design a line for her over the next few weeks that I’m here, as a final assignment!2013-06-05 12.02.18-1

Jet lag is real…and trying to keep up with everything and get my sleep schedule back on track has been a struggle!2013-06-04 16.31.06 2013-06-04 11.45.38-1

Pretty much my new everyday lunch spot. Best salad ever!2013-06-04 11.32.45 2013-06-06 10.17.46 2013-06-06 10.08.52 2013-06-06 09.55.24  Prof. Ioele took us on a field trip to the Scuola del Cuoio, which is the Leather School of Florence. If you know me, you know I collect leather goods…and if you didn’t know, Florence is the leather capital of the world! So yes, I was super excited for this trip.

The school was founded by 2 leather artisan families after WWII. Their mission was to give orphans of the war a means to learn a practical trade with which to earn a living. At the school, we were able to see the artisans hand make leather bags and other goods. 2013-06-06 10.24.47 2013-06-06 10.23.55 2013-06-06 10.23.43 2013-06-06 10.18.33-1 2013-06-06 10.25.21 2013-06-06 10.25.10 2013-06-06 10.24.50 2013-06-06 10.48.41 2013-06-06 10.45.36 2013-06-06 10.44.46 2013-06-06 10.39.54

Precision is everything, and only the best, most talented and passionate students get chosen to become artisans here. International students start in the basement making goods with the much less expensive leather, then they move upstairs once they’re ready to start doing the real deal.

They also do a lot of gilding. The leather is treated with milk, egg whites and olive oil, then a sheet of gold is placed on the leather, and customized branding irons are used to create the design.

Click here to see Francesco gild this leather with 22kt gold! 2013-06-06 11.02.05 2013-06-06 11.00.36 2013-06-06 11.00.20

Jewels to adorn some of the bags were bought in Africa.2013-06-06 11.17.49

Python2013-06-06 11.05.18 2013-06-06 11.05.07

Python, crocodile, ostrich, baby calf, and deer skins are imported from Africa, Australia, and other countries all over the world. The deer skins are actually imported from Virginia! Italian leather doesn’t mean the leather comes from animals raised in Italy, it means that skins from all over are treated [dyed, embossed, printed, etc.] in Italian shops.2013-06-06 11.04.35Students in the basement practicing their skills.

Been an interesting first week! Tune in for next week’s post!


Amina [video]

Monday, I participated in my last AATS Fashion Expose here at NCSU! Though it was an overall bittersweet experience, I was so happy with how my collection turned out and fell in love with all of my models and all of their crazy different personalities! Their patience, willingness and commitment to help me give life to my vision meant so much to me!

Thank you Kelly, Leslie, Maegan, Katharine, Aleah, Bing, Monica, Tocarra, Ami, and Christa!

Thank you Kelsey and Brooke for helping me get everything together backstage, before, during, and after the show! It was a lot less overwhelming with you all around!

And thank you Exotique for your amazing supply of mud cloths and information! Couldn’t have done it with out you:)

This year’s collection, Amina, was inspired by two African mud cloth fabrics my Nana got from Ghana some years ago. I paired authentic African mud cloth with sheer chiffon and cotton sateen fabrics and embellished the garments with tons of intricate hand beading. For the gown, I dyed about 8 yards of silk lavender, and designed a printed underlay to coordinate with the other printed fabrics.

This year, unlike my previous collections, I focused on creating chic separates that could be interchanged for different looks. Overall there were 10 looks and 17 individual garments. At times I thought I was being too ambitious with that amount of work on my hands, but I’m so glad I pushed through and stayed dedicated to it!

I named the collection Amina after the legendary African warrior queen of Zazzau (now Zaria).

For friends and fam that missed the show, here’s some pretty good video my friend captured from the front row. I’ll post pictures soon, but this is all I have for you right now:) (Expand to full screen for a better view)

Thanks to the African American Textiles Society for putting on a fantastic show this year! Keep up the great work! And much thanks to the judges for selecting me as 1st prize winner of the Intermediate and Beyond category!


2012 Cotton First Design Competition




I must’ve used a gazillion glass beads in these two looks alone:o)

Thanks to all that came out to the Cotton First Design Competition and Exhibition! The show had a great turn out and tons of beautiful design entries. I won 1st place in the Intermediate Collection category and I couldn’t be more grateful! The best compliments have been from people saying that they would actually wear my designs. One day, I’ll have all my designs I’ve created as a student tweaked to perfection and mass produced. But for now, this is just a preview of my collection that I’ll be showing April 8th at the African American Textiles Society Fashion Exposé.


I’d like to thank my gorgeous models, Leslie and Kelly, for their patience and time!

I’m discovering that wearable art is kind of my thing. I love authentic, handmade, intricately detailed, one-of-a-kind clothing! Once again, my Nana has inspired my collection, this time by giving me handmade mud cloth fabrics she got on a visit to Ghana some years ago. I’m centering the collection around these unique and abstract mud cloths and tons of hand beading.


If you’d like to watch VIDEO from the show, click HERE! My designs come out on the runway at the 13:40 mark:)

Again, thanks for all the support and mark April 8th on your calendars to see the rest of the collection!



Cotton First Show!




A hint of what’s to come:)

This is my first time doing a Fall show, so I’d loveeee you all forever if you came to show your support!

It’s less than 2 weeks away and the other designers & I have been working so very hard!

Wednesday, November 28th @ 7pm McKimmon Center!


NYFW Part 3: The Show & The After Party


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Studio Prepping

When I first met the other interns! We quickly hit it off!

Making bracelets for the show

Tracy and some of the team looking at the video for the backdrop of the show

Me doing some hand sewing in the showroom the night before the show! We were there until 3:30am prepping everything!


Day of the Show

Being goofy in the cab on the way to Lincoln Center

Some of the girls before we went in to set up

Loved this embellished TR dress on Tessa!

My assigned model, Cris. She was interesting to talk to!

My assigned look to achieve

Team meeting before the show started

Couple of clips from backstage!

After the show with one of my favs, celebrity stylist, June Ambrose!

June’s daughter, Summer. She’s more stylish than a lot of older people I know!

Tracy with the press

June’s lovely assistants. Eli Wasserman on the right! Love his wit and dedication to June

Tracy with a correspondent from Glamour magazine

Celebrity makeup artist, Mally Roncal and me. She’s beat everyone’s face, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, and more! She also always does the makeup for Tracy’s Fashion Week shows.

Her backstage overview of the look Tracy requested for runway

A little fun outside of Lincoln Center!

The girls and me! It’s all black everything, of course, for all interns at any show.

What I Wore: Strapless Dress-Topshop

 Blazer- Marshall’s

Jeffrey Campbell Corleone wedges! Love these! They curve in , so they aren’t the easiest to walk in, but I got lots of compliments and so many people took pics of them at Lincoln Center!

Hoops and a chunky gold bracelet + my ‘Diva’ lipstick by M.A.C. ;-*

Fashion Week is full of fun promoting festivities, so we were able to get a free ride all the way to the Meatpacking District for brunch with the people behind!

Unlimited mimosas! They brought out orange, strawberry, and blackberry flavors!

I’m a foodie, so I have to share what I ate: salmon, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, and spinac! Yum!

After we ate, we were invited to the back where we drank even more and had dessert! I had a Nutella and banana crepe!

The After Party

On the way to the after party! I missed it last year and I’m sooo glad I was able to make it this time!

The private party was held in this swanky venue called the Stone Rose Lounge on the 4th floor of the Time Warner building in Columbus Circle. It was beautiful [and pretty packed] in there!

Tessa and me taking advantage of the open bar

There was a big screen up displaying video from the show

Some clips from the party…please excuse my singing haha

Tracy and me! I’ve learned so much from this woman it’s crazy! A lot of doors have opened up for me just because I was her intern. So glad to know her<3

Annnddd another clip from the party lol
Happy that I went shopping the day before! The original plan was to wear the all black that I had on earlier that day, but this was much more fun.
What I Wore: Sleeveless blue-violet peplum top – Topshop
Sequined pencil skirt with a zipper up the back – Topshop
Beaded necklace from Uptown Cheapskate
Love these girls already!
Best weekend ever! Can’t wait until next year:)

NYFW Part 2: Street Style @ Lincoln Center

These photos were taken right outside of Lincoln Center, where most of the NYFW shows are held! It seemed as if the goal was to wear the most stand-out outfit possible in order to get pictures taken for different style blogs. Some people lingered out there for hours taking pictures because their outfits were so beautiful!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Where the magic happens!

This dress looked designer when it was actually from H&M!

Can’t remember this lady’s name, but she’s some sort of correspondent for a style show. She looked great!

Mini red carpet on the sidewalk

Met up with my boo Arielle for brunch and picture taking! She’s a great model, and hopefully she’ll model for me in my next show!

These two were too cute

Loved this bold below the knee pencil skirt

*two snaps* I spy metallic Litas

Mixed textures=love

Stay tuned for NYFW Part 3: Behind the Scenes of the Tracy Reese S/S ’13 Show!