Product Reviews: Haircare for Colored, Natural Hair

Hi guys!

So, as most of you know I just got my hair dyed red. I loveee that it’s a deep burgundy tone for this upcoming season. I was actually a bit scared to wash my hair after I got it colored because I didn’t want it to fade or be dry and brittle.

I washed my hair with a new shampoo I’m trying out: Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Sulfate-Free Shampoo. The smell of it is delicious, but I do admit that afterward my hair didn’t feel as moisturized as it would after I’d wash it with As I Am’s Cowash. I vowed to start deep conditioning my hair more often especially since it’s now colored.


I read up on some reviews for natural hair conditioners and I came across Eden’s Jojoba Monoi deep conditioner. I’d previously heard so many great things online about it, so I went to my local Sally’s Beauty Supply and picked up some. With my hair in 4 sections, I fingered combed the product through my hair and braided it up. I put my plastic shower cap and bonnet on then left the conditioner on over night.

*Tip: I didn’t wash the conditioner out of my hair the next morning until after my work out. That way, the heat my scalp produced after all of my running and exercise helped the conditioning process even more. It’s like sitting under a hooded dryer…but not!photo 4-2

After I rinsed out the conditioner in the shower and took out my braids, I realized how wonderfully soft my hair felt and smelled! It was detangled, easy to manage and my curls were shiny and healthy looking. I definitely give Eden two thumbs up for this product!photo 2-2

My hair stylist used this Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum for my blowout & gave me a coupon for it so I decided to try it. I finger combed it through each section before I put any heat on it. It added nice shine and lightweight moisture, but it didn’t really last beyond a day. I was also hoping it would contain some of my frizz caused by all this humid weather, but it’s not really made to do that. (By the way, I’m really in need of a product that WILL combat frizz, so let me know if you know any good ones out there!)photo 1-2

photo 5Before & After!

Have any exceptional natural hair products you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments below!


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