Dsquared2 Men’s F/W 2013

One collection that’s caught my eye lately is Dsquared2’s Fall ’13 collection. Drop-crotch destroyed denim and tailored coats were a main theme throughout, and there was a sprinkle of bright tones along with a hint of military. Twin designers Dean and Dan Caten were said to be inspired by the famous jazz nightclub in Harlem, the Cotton Club [which operated from 1923 to 1940]. The club was a white-only establishment where many great black entertainers of the time [Lena Horne, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, etc.] performed.

I guess that explains why all the models are of color. I personally love this collection. Its flare, its bold and detailed accessories, the boots…but I could’ve done without some of the eveningwear pieces. I think it got a bit too flamboyant for my taste, but nonetheless, it’s fresh and bold!

_VIE3923.450x675 _VIE3700.450x675 _VIE3741.450x675 _VIE3899.450x675 _VIE3805.450x675 _VIE4016.450x675 _VIE4064.450x675 _VIE4042.450x675 _VIE4090.450x675 _VIE3988.450x675 _VIE3964.450x675 _VIE3782.450x675 _VIE3881.450x675 _VIE3761.450x675 _VIE3820.450x675 _VIE4169.450x675 _VIE4552.450x675 _VIE3719.450x675 _VIE3856.450x675 _VIE4197.450x675 _VIE4121.450x675 _VIE4365.450x675 _VIE4308.450x675 _VIE4144.450x675 _VIE4396.450x675 _VIE4450.450x675 _VIE4332.450x675 _VIE4250.450x675 _VIE4280.450x675 _VIE4230.450x675 _VIE4526.450x675 _VIE4467.450x675 _VIE4501.450x675 _VIE4621.450x675


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